What Makes a Smile Aesthetically Beautiful?

Dr. Faber loves helping his patients achieve the pleasing, white youthful smiles that most everyone desires.  At Mission Laser Dentistry we know that there are many many elements present in smiles that are aesthetically beautiful.  In this blog I hope to shed some light on what those elements are and perhaps give you, the reader/patient, insight as to what may be keeping you from having the smile that you desire.  After all, your smile says a lot before you even say a word!

Whiteness of Teeth:

Indeed one of the most common things that can be improved is that of lightening/whitening one’s teeth.  At Mission Laser Dentistry we accomplish this through the teeth whitening (bleaching) process.  Whiter teeth are more youthful and pleasing to the eye-this especially true when one subconsciously evaluates a woman’s smile.  In the course of an examination appointment, Dr. Faber can discuss whitening options tailor-made for you!

Worn/Chipped/Broken Teeth:

Teeth chip and break due to many causes/circumstances.  A common finding is that a person with chipped and broken front teeth has malocclusion-which is an untreated Orthodontic condition.  There are many other possible causes as well, such as-holding tools/implements in the teeth(i.e. knitting needle or pen), injuries that resulted in the damage seen on the front teeth and teeth grinding at night while asleep(bruxism).  Bruxism also leads to a shortening of the visible length of the teeth.  No matter the cause, chipped/worn/broken front teeth lack cosmesis and esthetically pleasing youthful appearance.

Gummy Smile:

Smiles that show too much gums and not enough teeth are unesthetic to varying degrees.  At Mission Laser Dentistry we have the unique ability to correct “gummy” smiles with minimal to no pain quickly by using our Waterlase technology.  Dr. Faber  is happy to help his patients that display excess gums with this revolutionary treatment modality!


With a few notable exceptions, midline symmetry and left to right equal tooth display(lip line) play large roles in what our eyes see as beautiful when we subconsciously see a person smile.  Two notable exceptions are Michael Jordan and Tom Cruise-both good-looking men who get away with having asymmetrical smiles.  Look their photos up and see what you think.  I doubt that a woman could get away with their lack of symmetry.

Dr. Robert Faber invites you to take a look at the smile gallery of actual patients that he has treated.  I believe that you will see the 4 elements noted above represented in their treatment results.  And of course we would always invite you to make an appointment for a consultation (only $39 !) if you would like to discuss how your smile could look just the way you would like it to.

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