San Juan Capistrano Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery generally involves the extraction (removal) of teeth.   At Mission Laser Dentistry in San Juan Capistrano, Dr. Robert Faber and his team perform most extractions required by our patients-even wisdom teeth removal (3rd molar extractions).  If you have a tooth that is bothering you, or just broken at the gumline and extraction seems to be the best option for you, we can help!  Broken and badly decayed teeth often times will not be painful, but may abscess at any moment.  For this reason it is best to have Mission Laser Dentistry evaluate and recommend treatment prior to the onset of acute infection/swelling/pain.  Furthermore, Medical and Dental scientists have discovered links between chronically (painless!) infected teeth and increased risk for heart attacks and strokes.


An oral surgery appointment starts with the signing of a consent form for the planned surgery and tooth removal.  Next, we will deliver appropriate anesthetic to make the area numb.  Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) may be used for an additional fee.  After the surgery is complete, one or more sutures may be placed to help the area heal.  Dr. Robert Faber will give you many gauze squares to bite on during your ride home. 

At Mission Laser Dentistry we will also give you a complete list of post-operative instructions to follow just to make sure that healing takes place quickly and without complication.  It is extremely important to avoid smoking for a week after a surgical extraction to minimize the risk of post-operative complications such as dry-socket.