San Juan Capistrano’s center for Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry in San Juan Capistrano, California

At mission Laser Dentistry in San Juan Capistrano we take a holistic approach to preventive dental care. By using biocompatible materials-those materials that are most like human tooth structure and most from natural sources when possible, we provide dental treatment that keep our bodies in harmony. Some examples (and benefits therein) of our Holistic Dentistry and biocompatible techniques used by Dr. Faber at Mission Laser Dentistry are as follows:


Replacing Silver/Mercury Fillings in a Holistic Way

At Mission Laser Dentistry we Replace silver/mercury fillings with a holistic approach by using hybrid bonded composite resin restorations. We can use a dental dam during the procedure to ensure that none of the filling material enters the patients mouth.  Because of the thermal expansion and contraction of silver fillings, their presence can cause human teeth to crack. Add to this fact that silver fillings act like a wedge in the middle of the tooth through the pressures imparted by chewing. For this reason, here is a much greater chance that a tooth restored with a silver filling will fracture as opposed to if it were/had been restored with composite resin. Besides being more biocompatible in its responses to heat/cold cycles as well as being bonded to the tooth, composite fillings are esthetically toothlike in color. We are happy to replace all of your silver fillings if you wish, just ask us!


Crown & Bridgework

Porcelain, Zirconia and hybrid porcelain/zirconia crowns are much more biocompatible than crowns containing metal and metal alloys. These materials have obvious benefits for esthetic dentistry applications (and the resultant gorgeous smiles) because the wide array of porcelain shades and layering techniques available all have inherent translucency-like a natural tooth. Add to this that porcelain is very friendly to the gum tissues – which we term “biocompatible”.


Waterlase Laser Dentistry

Waterlase Laser Dentistry is holistic as a surgical treatment modality because of the inherent photobiomodulatting effects when tissue is altered with a laser. Lasers accomplish this effect two ways- by inducing far less adjacent tissue damage and also by soothing the tissue that must be surgically altered by “juicing up” the repairing capabilities of the cells at the surgical site. Surgical sites feel more comfortable after surgery (by a LOT!) and recovery time is often reduced by 50% or more.


Rinsing with Sea salt

Dr. Faber recommends rinsing the mouth with sea salt dissolved in warm water as a means of minimizing inflammation in the gums (gingivitis). Sea salt is obviously massively abundant in nature, and the human body has similar substances in our cells-It doesn’t get more holistic (read:natural) than sea salt. When combined with good brushing and flossing, sea salt rinses greatly improve oral health and “normalize” the oral environment in a holistic, natural way.


Holistic treatment for malocclusion

A great determinant of an individuals need for dental treatment is the health and proper function of their bite (occlusion). If the bite is worn or teeth are misaligned (crooked), then wear on the teeth is accelerated, the lifespan of dental restorations is diminished, teeth are often sensitive to hot & cold, and the jaw joints (TMJs) and associated musculature can experience symptoms. Via a holistic approach to dental treatment which starts with occlusion, Dr. Faber can help your teeth and jaw joints to function & feel natural as intended.


Holistic dentistry when combined with sound scientific principles is what Dr. Faber offers his patients at Mission Laser Dentistry in San Juan Capistrano. Send us a message on our contact form, simply stop by our dental practice, or give us a call today to see how we can help you with our holistic approach to your dental needs. We can be reached at (949) 493-3376