Gentle Dental Care

At Mission Laser Dentistry, Dr. Robert Faber and his team strive to make every appointment comfortable and pain free. We use a variety of treatment modalities and techniques in order to achieve gentle dental care, and provide positive experiences for our patients.

Laser Dentistry is a wonderful way to have cavities treated gently! Dr. Faber uses the Waterlase system from Biolase Corporation of Irvine California. In many cases, Waterlase dentistry allows treatment of cavities without need for shots (anesthetic). Its not so much that the laser produces no sensation, but more that the sensation of Waterlase cavity treatment is not aversive. Most patients will report a cold sensation as the laser eliminates their cavity. If at any point something becomes uncomfortable, the laser can be redirected or traditional anesthetic can be delivered.

When conventional needle and drill (handpiece)dentistry must be used to treat a patient, Dr. Faber uses topical anesthetic jelly to numb the area where the injection will occur. Topical anesthetic is very effective if applied for substantial time prior to injection.

At Mission Laser Dentistry, Dr. Faber always invites his patients to raise their hand if they need to pause the treatment for any reason. It is our belief that keeping the patient in control of circumstances during treatment leads to the most gentle experience.

We use digital X-ray equipment to take X-rays for our patients at Mission Laser Dentistry. Digital X-rays are inherently more gentle than traditional “film” X-rays in 2 ways:One, digital X-rays are captured via a smooth-edged sensor that is gently placed in the patients mouth in each area to be imaged. Secondly, digital X-rays expose the patient to approximately 1/7th the radiation dose from a conventional film X-rays, thereby eliminating substantial exposure of the head and neck area to the potentially damaging effects of radiation.

At Mission Laser Dentistry, quality treatment results with gentle dental care techniques are our highest priority. If you would like to discuss Laser dentistry or any other treatment needs, please give us a call today. And remember, your Smile says a lot before you even say a Word!

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