Laser Dentistry in San Juan Capistrano

At Mission Laser Dentistry, Dr. Robert Faber and his team are pleased to offer our patients Laser dentistry in San Juan Capistrano by using the Waterlase dental laser by Biolase Company (Irvine California). Why you might ask? Well, the benefits are many fold: First, some cavities can be treated without a shot (injectable anesthetic) because Waterlase dental laser cavity treatment is more gentle than the “Drill”. But the benefits do not stop with pain-free cavity treatment. The Waterlase is particularly good for many surgical procedures that result in less post-operative discomfort and faster healing time. At Mission Laser dentistry, we also treat Canker sores(apthous ulcers) and herpetic lesions (cold sores) with the dental laser-making their associated pain go away fast and inducing quicker healing of the affected area.

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The Waterlase dental laser works by a physical phenomenon called “hydrophotonics”. A small amount of water spray comes out of the Laser wand. The Laser’s unique wavelength (2780nm) seeks this water spray and the water in anything the laser is aimed at (including cavities& bacteria!). The resultant action is the removal of bacteria by vaporization. At Mission Laser Dentistry, vaporizing the bad bacteria that cause tooth decay (cavities) is what we love to do! When gum surgery or gum treatment is our objective, the Waterlase dental laser is brilliant at producing a smaller area of tissue injury than conventional techniques. Also, the reality that the Laser is killing bacteria in the subject area makes for a cleaner surgery and a quicker recovery time.

Besides not having to endure a “shot”, our patients at Mission Laser dentistry enjoy not being “numb” when they leave our office after Waterlase dental laser cavity treatment. Dr. Robert Faber will proceed slowly to make sure that his patient is comfortable with the dental laser procedure. If at any point in time the patient would prefer to be made numb via local anesthetic injection, they are told to simply let Dr. Faber know. Dr. Faber then removes all of the tooth decay and bonds white (composite) filling material to the subject area, checks the patient’s bite-much easier to do when the patient can actually “feel” their bite, and the filling is completed.

Apthous ulcers (Canker sores) are those small stinging white circular spots that sometimes appear on the tongue and the inside of lips and cheeks. Usually they heal in 12-14 days, but the discomfort associated with them can be intense. We do not know conclusively what causes these painful sores, but Dr. Robert Faber knows how to treat them and make the pain disappear quickly. First a little topical anesthetic is placed on the sore, and then a very small amount of Waterlase dental laser energy is delivered to the affected site. Immediately there will be a reduction or elimination of pain, and most lesions heal in a few days.

At Mission Laser Dentistry in San Juan Capistrano, we use the Waterlase dental laser to treat Hepetic lesions (cold sores) in much the same way as described above for treating apthous ulcers. Herpetic lesions generally arise on the lips and borders of the lips. When a patient presents with a cold sore early (in the first 2-3 days) we can eliminate the burning pain and speed healing-without the need for pills or heavy topical creams that have traditionally been applied to these herpetic lesions.
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